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This is a review of Plano Care Pharmacy. The two most recent experiences I’ve had have been subpar. Both times, two different pharmacists were rude (one in person, one over the phone). Maybe they are overworked or underpaid, and I don’t know. If your insurance allows it, just go to the HEB pharmacy – you’ll have a much better experience.

I love this Plano Care Pharmacy!!! Seriously, every person I’ve come in contact with at the location goes above and beyond for their customers. Thank you for making the best out of a tough situation – who wants to be on meds? Nobody! But since I do need meds like Modafinil, I’m so glad I found a place where people greet me with a smile and always work hard to help in any situation.

MedScript Pharmacy
Address: 1101 Ohio Dr Suite 115, Plano, TX 75093, United States | Phone: (469) 298-0592 | Website:

Horrible customer service. If you’re going to call into the store, you might as well just waste your time and drive to them because they do not answer their phones. I was on hold for 20 minutes just to see if my insulin syringes were available. I will be going to CVS from now on. At least they answer their phones to help customers in need.

Great place for prescriptions. Very attentive staff. They have worked hard for me when I need Modafinil at low cost. I cannot say enough good things about MedScript Pharmacy Very community-oriented. Through this whole pandemic, they have used whatever means they have to try to supply our community with necessary toilet paper and other hard-to-find things. Great people.

Address: 4100 W 15th St STE 204, Plano, TX 75093, United States | Phone: (972) 599-2223 | Website:

Very unprofessional. I was on hold for a total of 16 minutes, and no one there said they closed for lunch. I don’t know of any pharmacy closing for lunch. Obviously, the employees wish they worked elsewhere. Go across the street to Walgreens, where they know how to buy Modafinil online. Time for some retraining West Plano Pharmacy. Sadly disappointed.

As I’m shopping at West Plano Pharmacy, the workers are friendly, and I enjoy that they are engaging with the customers. I don’t mind the workers in the cashier walking around in self-checkouts. I’m aware they are doing their job to make sure no one steals. I like the community, which I appreciate, and if you ask for any type of help, they will help to the best of their abilities.

Market Street Pharmacy
Address: 1929 Preston Rd, Plano, TX 75093, United States | Phone: (972) 713-5515 | Website:

Market Street Pharmacy is quite possibly the slowest pharmacy I’ve ever dealt with. I will never understand how it takes 20 minutes for one car to make it through the drive-thru pharmacy. If there is more than one car waiting in the drive-thru, either prepare to wait for 30+ minutes or move on and try again later. Inside is no better, by the way! Good luck!

It’s nice to feel welcome and cared for when asking questions about your medicine! Market Street Pharmacy takes the time to understand your concerns & goes the extra mile to find helpful information to answer your questions! Especially when it comes to an Rx for the boys. Blessed to have two healthy, growing boys. When they do need Modafinil medicine, it’s always new information & they really care enough to share tips and/or warnings! Thank you, Mike, and Market Street Pharmacy!

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